Subway Idle 3D Unblocked Game Tutorial

Subway Idle 3D Unblocked is a fun game that where you can travel in an underground network. The game aims to keep your subway train moving by avoiding obstacles and picking up passengers. The game is created in 3D and is easy to pick up and play. Your mission is to build and maintain stations, railways and tracks. You can upgrade every line just to double line profit. Also the price, speed and tracks can be new levels just to increase the value of the city.

Subway Idle 3D Gameplay

Your mission is to take care of a subway station. You must keep the trains running on time and ensure the passengers are happy. You start with a few trains and must keep them running on time. As the levels progress, the number of trains increases and the stations get more crowded. The soundtrack is catchy and will keep you hooked for hours. 

Subway Idle 3D Gameplay Screenshot

If you want to create your own subway in your favourite city, you have to follow these steps.

  • Click on every subway line to speed the traffic and gain cash money.
  • Upgrape every station line and metro to transport more passengers. 
  • Subway lines: Green line
  • Purple line 
  • Yellow line 
  • Blue line 
  • Red line 
  • Upgrade the speed of the trains and tracks, invest with money.
  • Complete the levels on the map by creating railways in every city that exists.
  • Complete the missions and claim the rewards. 
  • You can save the level code so that your data is not lost.
  • With Gems you can buy different multipliers.


  • Tap Boost – boost all lines by tap for 9 seconds
  • Frenzy Boost! – x8 boost for 4 seconds


You can get instant +100 gems by watching ads.
You can get multipliers:

  • x1.5 multiplier that lasts 3 hours (available to buy with 500 diamonds)
  • x2 multiplier that lasts 3 hours (available to buy with 1000 diamonds)
  • x3 multiplier that lasts 3 hours (available to buy with 2500 diamonds)


Level save and load codes
The level code can be loaded in case the game data is lost. It is recommended that you write down the level code occasionally.


At every level there will be missions that need to be completed
For example:

  • Prestige a line
  • Build 1 new track
  • Upgrade Price 4 times


Here you will see all the cities that you need to create the subways. Unlock them one by one when you have enough money.

Subway Idle 3D Map Section Screenshot

The cities are:

  • New York City
  • London
  • Paris
  • Tokyo
  • Amsterdam
  • Madrid
  • Lisbon
  • Mexico City
  • Berlin
  • Chicago
  • Toronto
  • Beijing

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