Arcade Car Drift Game Review

Feel free to try Arcade Car Drift Unblocked which is a driving competition to test your drift skills.
The camera catches every spin and turn as you race against the opponents. Get the feeling of excitement while you choose the favorite track and car and start racing to become the best drift driver.

There are 2 tracks available:

  • Race Track with 3 laps
  • Port with 5 laps

Car Details

Before getting into the action of racing let’s see the details of the cars. For each you will be able to see the
description and the level of power, control and mass of the car. Also you can choose your favorite paint color for the car.

Arcade Car Drift Game Screenshot, Car Details
  • MuscleCar 1969
    Very powerful but poorly controlled car, only an experienced driver can cope with it.
  • BMG v34
    A work of German engineering, the best combination of equipmen, comfort and power.
  • SunLine GTE
    This car which has absorbed all the best technical achievements of mankind is considered one of the best cars for drift.
  • PG86 mk2
    The true legend of the drift. Any drift lover is obliged to try drift on this car.

Arcade Car Drift HUD

Arcade Car Drift Game Screenshot, Gameplay

Arcade Car Drift HUD Heads-Up Display (HUD) includes:

  • Time, Total, Best and Lap (displayed on the top left)
  • Top players (displayed on the top left)
  • Speedometer, camera view button, R key to reposition the car (displayed on the top right)
  • Drift points (displayed on the top center)

After every race you are able to see the final score and rating of players.

  • Total score
  • Best score
  • Race time
  • Distance
  • Money

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