Basketball io Tutorial

Experience your competitive side while playing Basketball io Unblocked where you can show your ball handling skills and agility.
You need to grab the ball and run towards the hoop to slam dunk without letting the other team to take advantage.
Race across the court with your team and prevent the opponents when they try to run after you to take the ball.
Playing with confidence and determination you can win every match within seconds.

After 5 win matches you will get stars and diamonds depending on the style of playing. Get the best rank too because that will help to buy items in shop section.

Shop section

In the shop section there is the possibility to get 12 types of players.
To unlock them you need to fulfill some condition like:

  • slam dunk 5 times
  • slam dunk 25 times
  • earn 150 stars
  • earn 400 stars
  • earn 1000 stars
  • earn 2000 stars
  • collect 300/450/600 diamonds
Basketball io Tutorial Shop Section Screenshot

You can also buy 10 different types of balls. To unlock them you will have to do the following:

  • steal the ball 20 times
  • steal the ball 50 times
  • steal the ball 250 times
  • rank 5000
  • rank 1000
  • rank 1
  • collect 300/450/600 diamonds

If you want to play on different courts and change the atmosphere you need to:

  • win the match 5 times
  • collect 300/600 diamonds

You have the chance to feel like a champion with every match, taking the ball and score for your team to become powerful on the chart.

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