Pixel Survival Game Review

Pixel Survival Unblocked takes you on a wild adventure where you must rely strictly on your wits and instinct.
This game challenges players with a first-person perspective as they navigate through an unpredictable forest.

Before entering in the world of Pixel you need to select a level. The levels available are:

  • Zombie Land where you must survive in the Zombie Land
  • Sandbox, where you discover the pixel world while driving the buggy, having around animals (sheep)
  • Training where you are training and getting ready being in Puppy/Kitty team

The Pixel characters available to choose are:

  • Policeman: spawn with gun and ammunitions
  • Farmer: spawn with farming tool
  • Salaryman:spawn with secret survival kit
  • Sport Girl: spawn with everything necessary
  • Medic: spawn with medicine and survival kit

Pixel Survival Unblocked Gameplay

As you walk through the forest in Zombie Land, you can meet animals. Try to eliminate them and pickup the fresh meat pressing F key.
Be careful, the zombies might find you and run after you. After you kill every zombie, they drop items very useful for you.

Also, there are different buildings if you come across villages, where you can find weapons and other items. Keep it in mind that these items appear in the inventory if you press I key.
Examples of items:

  • Shotgun
  • Sniper
  • Axe
  • Shell
  • Machete
  • Bandage
  • Rifle Ammo
  • 357 Magnum
  • French Fries
  • Water botton

Inventory Section

In the inventory there is also the craft section. You can obtain those items only by finding and picking up wood or metal fragments.
To obtain the hammer, axe, machete you will need 1 pile of wood and 5 metal fragments.

To obtain a campfire you need 10 piles of wood.
To obtain a bandage, you need to find 3 fabrics.
To obtain pistol, you need to find one 9 mm ammo.
If you want to create your own house you can have the necessary parts of the buildings if you pickup wood.
To obtain the house foundation, the roof, ladder, wood door you need 10 piles of wood for each construction part.
To obtain wall, window, door way, chest, you need 5 piles of wood for each construction part.
To obtain a collumn, you need 3 piles of wood.

Pixel Survival Unblocked HUD

Pixel Survival Unblocked Heads-Up Display (HUD) includes:

  • Character need of water & food, Level of life (displayed on buttom left)
  • Weapons & items (displayed on bottom center)
  • Ammo (displayed on bottom right)

After a period of time, Pixel can get exhausted, make sure the level of water and energy is back on 100 by letting him drinking
water and eating French fries. You’ll have to be resourceful and build up your supplies of food and water.

Prove your worth as you scavenge for supplies, hunt wild animals, and take on other brave adventurers.

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