Real Flight Simulator Unblocked

Welcome to the realistic planes simulator where you can learn how easy is to handle a n airship. Real Flight Simulator gives you the ultimate experience when it comes to flights and aircrafts. Become the pilot and control the plane, testing your skills.

There are 5 types of aircrafts:

  • A-10
  • A-29
  • F-35
  • KF-10
  • M-262

First to start flying you will need to turn on the aircraft lights then lower flaps and slats if available by pressing Z key.
To start up the engines you will need to press C key, you need to check the Total Thrust and to throttle up the engines you need to press R/V key to increase engine power. The Parking Brakes can be on or off you can change them by pressing B key.
Press Down arrow when rotate once takeoff speed is reached, it is recommended to be above 150 knots.
When you reach 100 ft altitude you can raise landing gear by pressing M.
Continue the normal flight while rolling (AD), pitching (WS) or yawing (QE).
To change the level of the engine Throttle (Power) you will have to use RF keys.

If you want to shoot, there are 3 weapons available:

  • Missiles
  • Minigun
  • Bombs

To lock the target u need to press 2 key and to fire, press space.

On the center buttom you will find the airspeed, altitude, the fuel available and the weight of the plane.

Feel the speed as you take control of each plane and use it in realistic landscape during day or night.

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  1. I want play this game


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