Drift Fury Unblocked Tutorial

Drift Fury Unblocked is a driving game where you can test your abillities when it comes to racing and drifting experience.
Your main objective is to drift your way on different tracks and show off your drifting skills in the shortest amount of time.

The Game comes up with two modes:

  • Racing
  • Drifting

Before starting a race, you must choose one car from the garage. There are nine cars in total, most of them with different prices and colors.

Drift Fury Unblocked HUD

Drift Fury Unblocked Heads-Up Display (HUD) includes:

  • Map, Level, Timer (displayed on the top left)
  • Number of laps (displayed on the buttom left)
  • Drift score (displayed on the top center)
  • Speedometer (displayed on the buttom right)
  • Pause button, headlight, music and camera view button (displayed on the top right)

Drift Fury Unblocked Gameplay

In order to know how to handle the car, here are some instructions:
use arrow keys to drive and balance the cars. Press space bar to activate the hand brake
and make the cars slide. Press Shift button to activate the nitro and speed up the cars.

Drift Fury Unblocked Screenshot Gameplay

If you first time choose the Race Mode, there are 10 levels ready to be completed.
You will always have one opponent and two laps to go. You can also drift but make sure you end the race being first,
having the best finish time and best score that will help you to invenst in other cars.

Switching to Drift Mode, you will enjoy the tracks alone doing drifts.


After you complete the races you can check your stats by looking at the Achievements section.

There you will see details about:

  • Victory Lap (How many times you finished in 1st place)
  • Newcomer (Play race mode)
  • Screeching Wheels (Play drift mode)
  • Drift King (The longest drift)
  • Racing Champion (Complete Racing Mode)
  • Drift Champion (Complete Drift Mode)
  • Fast as Lighting (First use of Nitro)
  • Fast Qualifier (Best time/ New Record)
  • Completionist (Complete the game)
  • Making Progress (Complete 5 levels)
  • Casual Driver (Win 5 races without Nitro)
  • Chameleon (Change car colors)
  • No Scratch (Win a race without colliding)
  • Good Investment (Buy a car)
  • Lucky Seven (Own at least 7 cars)
  • Wreck (Play all levels with the first car in Race Mode)
  • Super Drift (Use Nitro while drifting)
  • Lost on Track (Go the wrong way on the racing track)
  • Speed Addict (Use Nitro for 1000 seconds)
  • The First to Lose (Finish a race on 2nd place)
  • LOL nOOb (Lose 2 consecutive races)
  • Metal Bender (Crash the car into opponents)
  • Prized Car (Unlock 20 achievements)
  • Always Number 1 (Complete all race levels with three stars)
  • Skilled Driver (Complete all drift levels with three stars )
  • Overachiever (Achieve all achievements)

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  1. this is good game


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