Hero Rush Tower Defense Tutorial

Hero Rush Tower Defense is a strategic game where you take your heroes to defend the tower from the intrusions.

The good news is that every hero has special abilities and can be upgraded to get a full boost.

Sir Galahad Hero

If we first look at Sir Galahad, he has legion of light skill that needs to be trained. This skill can call upon a heavenly guardian with 25/30/35% of Galahad’s attack to fend off enemies and exterminate them. In order to reach the ultimate version of the hero, you must reach max level 10.
In Sir Galahad’s case the ultimate version can leaps toward the enemy in range, stunning them for 3s. Next skill is holy Shield it is used when attacked, has a moderate chance to increase Galahad’s defense by 10/20/30%.
Zeal skill can deliver a heavy slash every 3/4/5 attacks.
Armageddon can smash his sword to the ground inflicting 20/30/50 damage to all enemies in range and stun them.

Ashi Hero

As you go further with Ashi she can make it rain with crystallized arrows down the designate location. She is an archer trained to shoot the enemies with the lethal arrow, rapid shot or frostbite. The ultimate version of the hero will bring the Sparrow that assaults one random enemy, wipe them out of the map.

Wukong Hero

Wukong can be trained to have Soul Split, Fury Ruyi Bang, can reduce the damage taken from enemies with Iron hide and unyielding when you want to increase the power of the Armor. The ultimate will bring the Wukong’s pet (Uboz) that has 8-14 power and 60 HP and will increase with 20% the attack power of the hero.

Shaman King Hero

Shaman King has the Meteor force dealing with 90/110/150 damages, magical power concentration, can freeze the targeted location and blow up the area with lightning sparks. The ultimate version will bring the Nightwing that can drain 14-22 HP, restores Shaman King’s HP by 30% of his damage and brings more 15% of Shaman King’s HP.

Golem Hero

Golem is the fire power that can burn any enemy in sight using lava or earthquake. You can train Golem to create the Earthquake that spawns numerous boulders stunning ground-based enemies and inflicts 40/50/80 damages. Lava Armor can negates all received damage withing 1.5/2/3 seconds.
The Lava Punch grants Golem 20/30/40% chance to stun the enemies with normal attack.
Golem has also the Invigorated power that can inspire all allies with his burning passion, making them more agile and gain 20/40/80 speed. The ultimate version of the hero will bring a Mini Golem named Crasher with 25-33 attack power and 150 HP. Also it will increase the hero’s attack power with 20% and hurls large boulders to attack flying enemies.

Nature Queen Hero

Nature Queen can heal all allies withing the targeted radius for 150/250/350 hp. Her special skill is to call forth the power of Mother Earth to enhances Natural Queen’s attack by 10/15/20 points. The Grasping Roots and summon forest vines which damage and root 3/5/7 enemies in a short duration. She can createa Catastrophe that shoots out 3/4/5 homing spears that chase after retreating enemies. The ultimate version of Nature Queen will bring a little Bamse that has 15-20 attack power and 95 HP.
It will increase your hero defense +100% and has a 40 chance to stun the enemy for 4000s.

Thor Hero

Thor is the king of lighting bolts with the following skills: Lightning Rod: brings lightning strikes from the sky, stunning enemies for 5/6/8s, Call of the king that increases all allies’ attack power by 10/15/30% for 2/3/4s, Shazam skill electrifies his surrounding with lighting bolts, dealing 30/40/80 damage to nearby enemies.
The Sky Fall can electrocutes the nearest flying opponent dealing 25/35/50 damage. The ultimate version of the hero will bring the WhiteWolf, has 20 attack power and starts to be immune to all damage. Each attack slows the target down by 70% in 3s.

Hero Rush Tower Defense, Thor Hero, ultimate version of the hero

Ninja Hero

Ninja with Omnislash skill, blinks to the enemies location and assaults them, dealing 40/50/90 penetration damage.
The Escape skill can help when HP drops below 10/20/30% to retreat while releasing small spikes on the ground that slows enemies down by 50/70/80%.
Kusarigama Power is the basic attack that has 30/40/50% chance to deal 30/40/55 AOE damage.
With Houroku-Hiya power, the hero can set a timer bomb that sets off in 3.5/3/2.5s. When explodes, deals 30/40/60 damage to hit enemies.
The ultimate version will bring a small Raccoon that take 400 damage instead of its master, has 10-18 attack power and +5% of the master’s defense.

Tristana Hero

Tristana fires a series of rockets to a designated area, dealing 90/120/175 damage to enemies in the location.
She can blasts away all enemies on her way with a four-barrel pistol that cause damage and weakens their attack power by 40/50/90%.
She can use the Seduce kiss to charm the nearst opponent for 2/3/5s and with Precision, increases attack range by 10/20/30%.
The ultimate version will bring Trstana’s pet ( Munmun) with 8-14 attack power and 90 HP. It stares at the target with baby-doll eyes, stunning them with its cuteness for 3 seconds and has +10% of Tristana’s HP.

Jungle Lord Hero

Jungle Lord is the ultimate jungle calling. He can summon 3/4/5 Peashooters to his aid on a designated area, keep it in mind that Peashooters last 9/10/12 seconds.
With zombie Mushroom skill, it is possible to confuse and make the enemies go back to the starting.
Also Jungle Lord plants his roots down the ground to absorb nutritions, healing 30/40/60% HP.
The Doppelganger spawns a Jungle Lord’s copy with 50/60/75% of his stats, lasts for 6/7/8s.
The ultimate version of the hero will bring Rocket Raccoon that has 22-30 attack power and 100 HP, tosses a bomb that deals AoE damage and
has +20% of Jungle Lord’s defense.

Steel Dragon Hero

Steel Dragon can create damage with the razor sharp feathers, fang and fire breath. He can use the Dragon Rage skill to rain down energy spheres on a targeted area dealing with a maximum of 240/270/320 damage. The Metal Wing can attack enemies with razor sharp feathers firing from its wings. Also , the Steel Dragon can crush the enemies with its strong jaw and with the breath of destruction.
The ultimate version will bring a Baby Dragon that will double Dragon Rage’s damage.
When enemy is escaping it can fire energy spheres and has 55% of Steel Dragon’s stats while enhancing its attack by 30% and HP by 20%.

Phoenix Hero

Phoenix bird will incinerate the ground in a line, creating huge explosions. It can incinerate the ground in a line. Enemies standing on the scorched ground take 150/160/190 damage.
Nova Crash skill sets Phoenix himself ablaze and dives below, creating explosion. The Purification skill is when your hero brainwashes an enemy and turns it into a fire pixie. The pixie then explodes, dealing 15/18/25 AOE damage. The Life Aura can continuously recovers nearby allies’ HP for 7/8/10s.
The ultimate version will bring the Baby Phoenix, it can kidnap enemy that’s below 250 HP and banishes it from the map.
It has the power to brainwash an enemy and turn it into a fire pixie. The pixie heals an ally with the lowest HP by 40%.
And of course it increases Phoenix’s attack by 20% and HP by 25%.

Hero Rush Tower Defense Tips

We present to you some tips that must be followed before you start playing the game.
Keep it in mind that Armored enemies take less damage from Archer and Cannoneer turrets. Enemies with high magic resistance
can face the dragon turrets. Only Archers and Dragon Towers can reach flying enemies.
Make sure the Infantry are in the right place and right time, together with reinforcements can take off the enemies faster.
After they are defeated, enemies drop gold but be careful during the battles if your life(heart) reaches 0, it’s gameover.

Hero Rush Tower Defense GamePlay

Starting with level 1, you need to try out all types of tower to strike at enemies’ weak points.
You can build first Canonneer ( small AoE damage that is effective to ground-based enemies) and Infantry (common warriors with heavy armor that can block enemies’ path) before the enemies start to come in your direction.
With level 2 you can unlock the first three heros. Another buildings can be built like Magic Dragon and Archer that can cause faster damage.
Check out the boots that are available on the buttom right screen depending on what heroes you distributed on the each level.

Important upgrades

With time you can upgrade the heroes skills like: attack speed, attack damage, critical chance, resurrection chance health, defense.

Important upgrades can be done with the towers. The basic tower is the Archer that can attack both ground and air enemies, dealing with physical damage.
Then is Infantry, you get help from common warriors with heavy armor that can block enemies’ path.
Going further, Canonneer should be also upgraded because can cause damage to ground-based enemies.
Magic Dragon Tower, helps with fire, dealing with magical damage.


Also, there are different types of enemies that appear with every level for example: the pirate (common enemy unit with low health and attack damage),
Barbosa (enemy with a mace to defend themselves), Lupin (highly agile enemy unit with moderate power that can dodge melee attacks), Loki (stronger than the Lupin also dodge melee attacks) and One-eye (flies over troops and towers, has immunity to all ground-based attacks and skills).

Store Items

There is a possibility to buy items in the store. In order to buy them you need to summon the diamonds.

Items are the following: Frost Gem is useful because it freezes all enemies on the entire map.
Mateor Call can smash the enemies because of the meteor show.
Healing Ward is the magic potion that heals nearby friendly units.
If you need extra gold supply for the army, you can buy the Gold Treasure.
Buying speed up and poison you can increase the towers’ speed attack and damage the enemies with a gourd full of venom.
Reinforcements can be called up whether you need on the ground or in the sky.
Storm can be bought to bring a tornade that push all enemy on the way back to gate.

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